Introducing a revolutionary new way to cool your electrical enclosures Pfannenberg PKS 3000 Series

The PKS 3000 Series Air/Air Heat Exchangers use Pfannenberg’s next generation Kinetic Cooling System™ to exchange and remove heat from an electrical enclosure. This is a perfect solution for those looking to reduce the energy, maintenance and footprint associated with traditional enclosure cooling units. Designed for indoor, outdoor/remote applications and washdown application that require a closed loop system to protect electronics. Available in 5 models.

Next Generation Cooling for Electrical Enclosures - PKS 3000 Series Air/Air Heat Exchangers

Pfannenberg’s PKS 3000 Series Air to Air Heat Exchangers use a revolutionary next generation cooling technology that out-performs conventional heat exchangers and/or heat pipe solutions. One of the best technologies to use when there is a temperature difference between the internal target temperature and the surrounding temperature (?T≥10°C) is air to air technology.  An air/air heat exchanger removes heat from inside of the enclosure to the cooler environment using the least amount of energy while still providing a closed loop ingress protection.


Utilizes lower temperature ambient air to cool warmer internal air without a compressor


The simple design of the PKS means that only the fan will ever have to be replaced


Our compact lightweight design means that the unit can be installed by just one person

Technology Comparison

To better understand the advantages of our PKS Air/Air Heat Exchangers let’s take a look at how it compares to a traditional cooling unit. AC/Cooling Units are typically the go to solution for cooling an enclosure. What many people fail to consider is that a cooler ambient environment could be used to help cool your warmer electrical enclosure. This new air to air technology takes advantage of a cooler ambient environment especially in harsh (dusty, oily, dirty) conditions when closed-loop cooling is required. Here we demonstrate the considerable saving you could see with this new technology compared to an AC unit.

A Capacity for Every Need

The PKS 3000 Series Air/Air Heat Exchangers are available in 5 different models. The cooling capacity ranges from 22 Watts/°C to 180 Watts/°C. If you need assistance choosing the right model don’t hesitate to ask us or use our Pfannenberg Sizing Software. This is a perfect solution when concerned with the open loop Filterfan® designs that don’t prevent corrosive gas or humidity from entering the enclosure. We’ve designed these units to be versatile for indoor cooling, outdoor or remote applications that require a closed loop system to protect electronics. Available in 5 models; PKS 313X, PKS 320X, PKS 330X, PKS 336X

The PKS Mini series Air/Air Heat Exchangers are ideal for the replacement of a Filterfan® solution when the ambient air is too contaminated to enter the cabinet. Available in 2 models; PKS 3042, PKS 3092
Pfannenberg PKS 3000 Breakdown
What is CCPD?


Heat removal capability compared to the physical size (volume) of the cooling unit. Higher ratio indicates higher cooling power per volumetric size.

CCPD™   =


Best CCPD™

Produces superior Cooling Capacity Per Density vs. conventional heat exchanger and/or heat pipe solutions. One of the most compact units for the available cooling capacity.

Energy Efficient

Utilizes lower temperature ambient air to cool warmer internal air without an active component such as a compressor which consumes high amounts of energy.

Narrow Width

Width of the unit is maintained at 12 inches to fit onto the side of a smaller NEMA enclosure.

Reduced Maintenance

With only two mechanical components (fans), potential failure point is reduced to ensure continuous uptime of your processes.

Flexible Mounting Options

Unit can be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing the cool air to be focused where it is needed most.

Closed Loop Design

Designed to isolate external ambient air from internal air eliminating the risk of contaminates entering the cabinet. Compared to Filterfans® with Rainhoods; the PKS seals against gaseous substances, humidity and airborne particulates such as dust, keeping it away from sensitive components within the electrical enclosure.

Easy Installation

Compact lightweight design means that the unit can be installed by just one person.

Self Protected from Harsh Environments

Uniquely designed to operate in NEMA 3R, 4, and 4X environments. An example of this is the location of our control electronics within our dry, cool interior circuit.

Eliminates Hotspots

High CFM fan with superior air flow, ideal for eliminating hot spots.

A solution for every application.  

Pfannenberg PKS 3000 Applications


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