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New compact hydraulic PowerPacks from DHP 

dhp powerpacks

Over the years DHP PowerPacks has found its niche in highly engineered custom products.  This has created a solid foundation of custom powerpack solutions for various applications. 

However, we primarily focused only on highly custom solutions…until now.  DHP PowerPacks can now deliver high-volume, high quality compact hydraulic powerpacks through our new stock program. 


Higher Quality Advantages

  • First power company pack to offer higher-performing Sun Hydraulics valves as STANDARD 
  • All manifold cavities are T162-A which also protects aftermarket parts business.
  • FLeX line NO/NC poppet valves, checks, reliefs and flow controls.
  • Coils offered in 12/24VDC, 115/230VAC, Deutsch or DIN connectors.
  • FLeX line pricing is BETTER than competitors.



Higher Quality Advantages

  • First power company pack to offer Marzocchi gear pumps as STANDARD. 
  • Pressure balanced, over 90% efficiency performance.
  • Initial stock displacements from 0.26 to 2.6 cc/rev.  (< 2.5 gpm) 
  • Higher flows with up to 8.1 cc/rev available upon request.
  • Single rotational to start with bi-rotational options coming in 2019.
  • Marzocchi partnership pricing is very close to poor performing Chinese pump



Higher Quality Advantages

  • High performing industry-proven motors. 
  • 12/24VDC low power, low power sealed (Marine grade) and high power options.
  • 12/24VDC starter solenoids can also be included with DC motors.
  • 115/230VAC single phase, fractional up to 3 hp.
  • 230/460VAC 3-phase up to 3 hp.
  • Higher flow, hp available in the future / upon request.
  • Negotiated motor pricing equal to our competitors.



Want to get started?  Contact our design team today!

See below for additional images of our compact hydraulic powerpacks.

dhp hydraulic powerpacks