Hydrotech Acquires Isaacs

Our Factory-Trained Service Technicians are here to help you get back to business!

We understand how critical machine downtime can be and how important it is to maximize up-time.  Our certified factory-trained technicians take great pride in delivering the highest quality repair while maintaining some of the quickest turnarounds in the industry.  Our goal is to bring life back to your machinery, so your machinery can get back to work.

To schedule an appointment with our Hydrotech Service & Repair team call (513) 881-7000 or email us @ service@hydrotech.com. All Hydrotech service calls are performed and billed on a timer and material basis.  A purchase order or credit card information is required in advance  of scheduling or dispatching a technician out to the job-site or ordering components needed to complete the requested scope of work.
Regular Hours: Monday – Friday, up to 8 hours/day between 7:00 am & 4:00 pm

Overtime Hours (time and a half): Saturday & Monday – Friday, over 8 hours/day or between 4:00pm & 7:00 am.

Double Time Hours: Sundays & Holidays 

General: $95.00

Travel Expenses:

Mileage: $.55/Mile
Per Diem: $50.00/day
Additional charges: Cost plus 10%
Freight expenses: Cost plus 10%
Group 1: $95.00
  • Assembly/Conversion
  • Lubrication installation & service
  • Electrical wiring
  • Fluid service
Group 2: $130.00
  • Fabrication & installation
  • Hydraulic field service
Group 3: $150.00
  • Electro-hydraulic instrumentation
  • Engineering services
  • Programming

Component, system, and process improvement solutions for precise, fast, and smart automation.

Industrial & Mobile Hydraulic product integration and system development.

Start to finish engineering for design, assembly, support, and integration of fluid power & automation systems.

In-house and on-site repair, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance of industrial equipment.


Industry in Motion

American industry has never enjoyed more opportunity than it does today – or faced more challenges. Hydrotech is here to help you compete, evolve, lead and win with superior solutions in fluid power, automation, service & repair and connected technologies.

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