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SUMMARY:  Y-assembly

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This assembly consists of needle valve, which is a fully-adjustable orifice used to regulate flow with a reverse-flow check. It is not pressure-compensated. It may be used as a flow control or as a shutoff valve. The rapid or feed rate is selected by a solenoid operated (normally open or closed) 2-way, 2-position valve.

  • The sharp-edged orifice design minimizes flow variations due to viscosity changes.
  • Because needle valves are non-compensating devices, the fixed orifice size will regulate flow through the valve in proportion to the square root of the pressure differential across ports 1 and 2.

Capacity12 gpm45 L/min.
Body TypeSandwichSandwich
InterfaceISO 03ISO 03
Body Featuresmeter in A or B, meter out A or Bmeter in A or B, meter out A or B
Stack Height1.75 in.44,5 mm
Seal Plate Included (see notes)YesYes

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  • Stack height value in technical data table includes seal retainer plate.
  • Important: Carefully consider the maximum system pressure. The pressure rating of the manifold is dependent on the manifold material, with the port type/size a secondary consideration. Manifolds constructed of aluminum are not rated for pressures higher than 3000 psi (210 bar), regardless of the port type/size specified.