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Flow dividers are sliding-spool, pressure-compensated devices used to split oil flow to two different branches of a circuit in a designated ratio. These valves are suitable for applications that use the following: unidirectional hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders where flow division in one direction only is required, and multiple circuits that are serviced from one pump supply.

  • All flow divider and divider/combiner cartridges are physically interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
  • Operating characteristics cause the leg of the circuit with the greatest load to receive the higher percentage of flow in dividing mode. If a rigid mechanism is used to tie actuators together, the lead actuator may pull the lagging actuator and cause it to cavitate.
  • In applications involving rigid mechanisms between multiple actuators, operating inaccuracy will cause the eventual lock-up of the system. If the mechanical structure is not designed to allow for the operating inaccuracy inherent in the valve, damage may occur.
  • In motor circuits, rigid frames or mechanisms that tie motors together, and/or complete mechanical synchronized motion of the output shaft of the motors, either by wheels to the pavement or sprockets to conveyors, will contribute to cavitation, lock-up and/or pressure intensification.
  • Variations in speed and lock-up can be attributed to differences in motor displacement, motor leakage, wheel diameter variance and friction of wheels on the driving surface.
  • This valve is a divider only; any attempt to flow backwards through the valve is not advised.
  • Dividers with unequal ratios have the higher flow at port 4.
  • Below the minimum flow rating there is not enough flow for the valve to modulate. It is effectively a tee. If flow starts at zero and rises, there will be no dividing control until the flow reaches the minimum rating.
  • Incorporates the Sun floating style construction to minimize the possibility of internal parts binding due to excessive installation torque and/or cavity/cartridge machining variations.

Cavity T-34A
Series 4
Capacity 12 - 60 gpm45 - 240 L/min.
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 psi350 bar
Divisional Accuracy at Minimum Input Flow ±6.5%±6.5%
Divisional Accuracy at Max Input Flow ±3.5%±3.5%
Pressure Drop at Minimum Rated Input Flow 30 psi2 bar
Pressure Drop at Maximum Rated Input Flow 250 psi18 bar
Rated Input Flow with 50/50 Split 12 - 60 gpm45 - 240 L/min.
Rated Input Flow with 40/60 Split 10 - 50 gpm38 - 200 L/min.
Rated Input Flow with 33/67 Split 9 - 45 gpm36 - 180 L/min.
Valve Hex Size 1 5/8 in.41,3 mm
Valve Installation Torque 350 - 375 lbf ft475 - 508 Nm
Model Weight 2.80 lb1,30 kg
Seal kit - Cartridge Viton: 990-034-006

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