Magnom Mini,Midi,Max - 1525187 - FILTER-MINI SAE-8

Part Number: 1525187

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Bi-directional magnetic filters in line for two-way plant liquids, gases and greases


- Mounted in-line 

  need a minimum space 

- Compact and efficient 

- Bi-directional flow 

- Two core unit 

- Max. Operating pressure: 1,500psi (104bar) 

- Burst Pressure: 10,000psi (695 bar) 

The bi-directional unit mini, midi and max is a compact small unit in-line adapted to very high pressure for hydraulic transmissions and fuels. 

It consists of a double magnetic filter threaded on both sides

There are three units: 

MINI: It is the ideal choice for critical component protection in smaller transmissions, for use on hydraulic lines, and "on vehicle" automotive systems, including fuel lines. 

MIDI: Built from Aluminium Alloy, is a 2 core Magnom™ in-line unit that has a high pressure capability making it suitable for a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications. 

MAXI: Has been specifically designed for the needs of the off highway vehicle market. It is the Magnom™ of choice for fitment to many larger off highway vehicle transmissions and hydraulic systems, where it uses the patented Magnom™ technology to provide critical component protection.

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