TCU - 3484499 - TCU-1-I-1-A-1-3-Z-Z-Z-2

Part Number: 3484499

Manufacturer: Hydac

DESCRIPTION:The TransformerCare Unit TCU is a servicing and care unit for prolonging the useful life of oil-filled transformers and reactors. As the result of a continuous degassing, dewatering and filtration of the insulating oil, the oxygen content, the water content and the particulate contamination in the transformer are kept at a constantly low level, which increases the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil and thus achieving a prolongation of the service life of the insulation. The residual service life of a transformer can typically be increased 3-fold. The throughput is only approximately 15 m3/week, whereby harmful turbulence in the transformer is avoided. The use of the TCU continues throughout the life of the transformer, while it remains in operation and connected to the mains. The quantity of wrong gases removed with the TCU corresponds to the gas formation rate in the transformer, whereby an interpretation, e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 60599* also continues to be possible, analogous to the DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis). In addition, the moisture and the total gas content in the insulating oil can be monitored online and an early alarm can be triggered in the event of significant changes. * DIN EN 60599 - Electrical devices in operation which are impregnated with mineral oil - Guidelines for the interpretation of the analysis of dissolved and free gases.

  • Retains the insulation property of the insulating oil
  • Enhanced operational dependability
  • Continued option of error gas analysis analogous to the DGA
  • Prolongation of the remaining lifespan of the transmitter by slowing down the ageing of the cellulose

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