Part Number: 888311

Manufacturer: Dropsa


- Input voltage: 12VDC - 24VDC - 110VAC - 220VAC /50Hz
- Working Temperature: - 30°C÷+ 80°C (- 22°F÷+176°F )
- Number of outlets: 1- 2 - 3
- Pumping element: Piston-type Ø 6 mm ( 0.2 in.) driven by cam
- Main piping inlet: Fast-lock for Ø 6 mm ( 0.2 in.) pipe
- Reservoir: 2, 4, 8 lt (0.44-0.88-1.76 gals) with MIN-MAX level indicator
- Mineral Lubricant: Grease MAX NLGI 2
- Reservoir refill system: Lubricator A/M10X1 UNI7663
- Air-bubbles discharge: Rotating cylinder and grease scraper
- Maximum pressure: 250 ± 50 bar ( 3675 ± 735 psi ) safety valve inside the pumping unit
- Flowrate for each outlet: ~ 2.8 cm3/min (~ 0.17

MLP is a piston pump driven by an eccentric cam which has been designed to operate with a maximum of three pumping elements.

The housing is a compact monobloc plastic element shaped to offer a full resistance to mechanical stresses.
A roller-shaped system and a grease-scraper enable to eliminate air bubbles from grease, thus ensuring an easy operation, also at low temperatures.
The worm-gear ratiomotor with helical wheel and DC low voltage, is directly started by the user or through the control timer setting.

The pump is available in three versions (12-24VDC e 110-220VAC), all provided with the magnetic sensor for the minimum level:
- no TIMER

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