3-Way high pressure ball valves - 702878 - KHB3K 25NPT L 1114 01X

Part Number: 702878

Manufacturer: Hydac


 HYDAC 3/2-way change-over ball valves are, according to DIN 2429, components which are used to divert a pressure flow.

The HYDAC 3/2-way change-over ball valve is available in nominal diameters from 4 mm to 32 mm, just like the 2/2-way ball valve. The stainless steel version always appears in sleeve-type due to materials considerations.

- Switching limitation by means of stop pin and stop disc
- Easy operation
- Compact, space-saving design
- Sealing principle with floating ball, sealing on the outlet side
- Surface protection phosphate-plated or yellow zinc-plated

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