2-Way high pressure ball valves - 3018376 - >KHB-16-F3-11141-02X

Part Number: 3018376

Manufacturer: Hydac


 HYDAC 2/2-way ball valves are, according to DIN-ISO 1219, components which are used to shut-off a pressure flow in both directions.

HYDAC 2/2-way ball valves are available in 2 models.
From the nominal diameter of 04 mm to 25 mm in block-type and starting with the nominal diameter of 32 mm up to 50 mm in sleeve-type. The stainless steel version always appears in sleeve-type due to materials considerations.
Advantages :
- no glands, therefore no manual readjustment of seals required
- sealing principle with floating ball seals on both sides
- full-flow passage to ensure unrestricted flow of the medium.
- surface protection phosphate-plated or yellow zinc-plated

On request we can supply other models to cover nearly all applications, e.g. for aggressive or gaseous media.
If required, test certificates for material tests to EN-10204 and quality test certificates to DIN 55350 Part 18 can be supplied.

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