Part Number: 2487001 0A1A0

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Key features:
- one or two pump modules
- Minimum level capacitance switch and visual maximum level as standard
- “Quick swap” pump module: easy outputs substitution  without disruption to pipe-work during pump  
- Compatible with:- 02 System - 26 System
- Reservoir capacity: 10 KG, 30 KG
- Delivery: 25cc/min (with 1 pump); 50cc/min (with  2 pumps)
- Working temperature: -5°C   to +50  °C


Mini Sumo Pump is ideal for those applications that use Series 26 - progressive system and 02 Dual Line System. It is designed to feed oil and grease lubrication systems and is compatible with greases up to grade NLGI-2.
Up to two pump modules providing 25cc/min can be installed in tandem configuration with a generous 400bar pressure.
When fitted with two pump modules, the pump continues to deliver grease at maximum pressure even if one pump module becomes ineffective. Pump integrity and function can therefore be maintained until a new pump module can be quickly installed, without the need to disrupt any tubing.
Zero downtime during pump maintenance
The QUICK SWAP SYSTEM allows to quickly replacement of the PUMP MODULES simply by removing and replacing with new ones. No pipe work needs to be disrupted and this means lower possibility of contamination.

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