Part Number: 3301521

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Compact and low cost; ideal for applications on small-medium size machine tools.

Key features
- Standard Equipment: refilling filter, electric minimum level and a pumping unit fixed or adjustable delivery.
- Standard version can be integrated with up to three pumping unit.
- Two pumping units available: Ø 6 mm = 10 cm3/min delivery; Ø 8 mm = 17 cm3/min delivery.
- Proven pumping technology: for 999 series pump elements.
- Pressure: 300 bar (4410 psi)
- Fixed and adjustable: pump elements.


989 pump series is ideal for applications where space and costs are key factors. The pump is perfectly integrated with the 999 pump series from which it inherits the main features like: modularity, quality and performance. For these reasons Series 989 represents the perfect solution for an extensive range of midsize applications.

The standard version is ready equipped to satisfy the requirements in small-medium machine tools applications. The standard version of the pump is complete with refilling filter, electric minimum level, a pumping unit with 6 mm or 8 mm diameter.

989 pump series can fit the changing needs of your application. The availability of installing up to two pumping unit (with fixed or adjustable delivery) gives you two options: to triple the standard flow or connect three lubrication lines directly to the pump.
Fixed or adjustable delivery are available. The adjustable delivery is: 1,4 - 10 cm3/min for 6mm diameter pump element and 2,5 - 17 cm3/min for the 8mm diameter.

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