Part Number: 3600301

Manufacturer: Dropsa


The Low cost way into Automatic

 Key features
- Delivery changes according to pressure.  Up to 15 Bar Pressure or 90cm³/min output
- 24V, 110V and 230V version Available
- Optional timer Module allows pump to operate in standlalone with cycle-test button
- Pratical, Trasparent 1 liter reservoir
- Snap on Refilling cap and filter for safe operation
- Incorporates Dropsa's Samba NO/NC Low LevelSwitch
- Small Space Envelope

This compact pump has been designed to cater for the low cost entry-level automatic Oil lubrication systems market and incorporates the essential components for such systems.
PICCOLA can be used on a single lubrication point or as part of a Metered Orifice (01) or Injector (33V) single line systems.
The pump continuously delivers lubricant when it is powered on. Optionally, a timer module can be fitted onto the Power connector that cycles the pump at regular time intervals allowing it to function as standalone unit.

System 33V version
This version is ideal for small machine tools or general industrial machinery up to 12 valves (0,03÷0,50), requiring basic low cost oil lubrication.

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