33V OIL JET - 3083170 - VALVE-2 W 180 010

Part Number: 3083170

Manufacturer: Dropsa




 - FLOW RATE: 0,06 - 0,10 - 0,16 cm

 - Minimum Pressure – 20 bar 

 - Maximum Reset Pressure – 4 Bar   

 - Add the Cycle Time for Oil – 1 cycle per second 

This Oil Jet valve consists of a 33V Injector with a accumulating orifice that allows the oil to be squirted in a controlled fashion onto a lubrication point. 


It is normally mounted a small distance from the lubrication point, typically not more than 10mm, in order to accurately direct the oil jet to the target area. 

Best results are obtained with oils  from 32 to 220 cSt viscosity. 


The oil jet inlet port is available in a 1,2 or 3-way configuration

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