Manual hydraulic pump for grease

Part Number: Manual hydraulic pump for grease

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Lubricating or sealing

- Drive system: manual
- Output pressure: 700 bar max.
-Quantity delivered: about 0.6 cm ³ per stroke
- Viscosity grease or sealant: NLGI 5 max.
- Temperature: -50 to + 80 ° C
- Refilling: 300 cm ³



It is  a portable pump, studied and constructed for employment in operations of lubrication or sealing, therefore it is particularly used for the lubrication of the ball valves of middle and big dimensions installed in systems for transport and distribution of gas and  fluid, this system guarantees a perfect tight joint with the shutted down valve, without the installation of sophisticated and expensive additional equipment.

Made of special steels and equipped with gasket especiallt suitable for low temperatures.
It is light, esay to use and manage,  you can handle it manually  through the appropriate lever and without any  other equipments for the support or the anchorage of the body pump.

Moreover, being the pumping action indirect, hydraulic service, with a small power on the control level you can get the maximum level pressure.

Inside there is a by-pass valve  that assures the maximum  pressure level delivered, without the risk of overcoming that level; a manometer (in a bathe of glycerin) allows the visualization of the pressure level,and a specific flexible pipe makes the connection very easy.
The grease refilling in the pump is simple and quick and does not require any other equipment or special tools, it can be used grease or sealing either fused that premanifactured.

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