Pneumatic Grease Pump with standardized 400cc lubricant cartridge loading system - 3413500 - PUMP-PNEU-FOR GREASE R=50:1

Part Number: 3413500

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Single acting pneumatic grease pump

- Single-Acting Pneumatic Pump
 - Pump: 2cm3 / Cycle
 - Maximum Cycle rate:
   30 cycles/min depending on grease type
 - Ratio:
 - Air pressure:
   3 to 6 bar (44-88psi)
 - Pump Grease NLGI 2 max
 - Uses a simple (3/2) Solenoid valve for injection and vent


The Pneumatic Pump with cartridge grease loading is an ideal single acting pneumatic grease pump for general use in single line progressive divider lubrication systems such as SMX, SMO, SMP or SMPM.
 The pump is designed for all those applications where it is ideal to have grease supplied in readily available cartridges.
 The pump is equipped with a steel plate with a M57x1.5mm thread that allows interfacing with up to two 400cc lubricant cartridges.


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