Prismart - 3600250 - PRISMART-110V 50HZ

Part Number: 3600250

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Key features
- Max Delivery: 220 cm³/min (13,45
- Max pressure: 30 bar (411 psi)
- Prismart O for oil: - min. 68 cSt - max. 320 cSt
- Prismart FG for fluid grease: - max. NLGI 00
- Voltages: 110 or 230 V / 50 and 60 Hz.
- Standard minimum level: with capaci-tance sensor for light grease version, with Samba level sensor for oil version.
- Pressure gauge: mounted on the pump at 60 bar (882 psi)
- Pressure switch: as standard (N.O.) to detect system in pressure.


PRISMART O for oil and PRIS-MART FG for fluid grease are a pump package for integrated low cost OEM application.
These pumps are ideal for appli-cation in Single Line, typically 33V injector systems.
To facilitate the operations, all connection and command ele-ments have been positioned on the front part of the pump:

1. The connector for power supply and for the connection with PLC machine for remote lubrication control;
2. lubrication control button for direct control of the pump independently from the PLC machine;
3. Red light for pump functioning control.

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