L-CEE 40 H 6 C/N

Part Number: 3906728

Manufacturer: Hydac


Hybrid Technology - TwistFlow Strainer ATF
Coarse separation by centrifugal force with guaranteed filtration ratings


  • Suitable for wide variability in the quality of untreated water
  • Copes easily with high contamination loads
  • Degree of separation associated with a centrifuge separator combined with defined filtration ratings
  • No transfer of contamination to the clean side
  • Flow rates up to 400 m3/h


  • Consistent filtrat quality
  • Continuous filtration – constant self-cleaning
  • No turning parts – easy to service and low maintenance
  • Available as system solution for higher flow rates

 Areas of application

  • Snow water treatment (protection of snow cannons and snow lances)
  • Pre-filter to relieve sand filters
  • Filtration of surface water
  • Pre-filtration before membrane-, ozon-, UV-systems
  • Pre-filtration before waste water treatment plants

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