350 PSF(N) 0040 to 1000 - R928026499 - 350 PSFN 1000-H10XLB00-V5.0-M

Part Number: R928026499

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


Manifold mounted filters are designed to be mounted directly on the pump outlet or control manifolds. They are installed upstream to protect open-loop and closed-loop control systems.

Replacement filter elements for Rexroth filters: Filter media for all applications made out of glassfiber-paper, filter-paper, wire mesh, non-wovens, and metal fiber.


•Special highly efficient filter media
•Adsorption of very fine particles across a broad pressure differential range
•High dirt holding capacity thanks to large specific filter area
•Good chemical resistance of the filter elements
•High collapse resistance of the filter elements (e.g. in case of cold start)
•Filter ratings of 3 μm to 100 μm
•As standard, each filter is equipped with mechanical-optical maintenance indicator with memory function
•Flow-optimized design due to 3D computer-supported design

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