SV & SL - R900587557 - SV 20 PA1-4X/

Part Number: R900587557

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


The SV and SL valves are hydraulic pilot operated check valves of poppet type design which may be opened to permit flow in the reverse direction. These valves are used for the isolation of operating circuits which are under pressure, i.e. as a safe guard against the lowering of a load when a line break occurs or against creeping movement of hydraulically locked actuators. The valve basically comprises of the housing, the poppet, a compression spring, the control spool as well as optional decompression feature as a ball poppet valve.

•Sizes 10 to 30
•For subplate mounting
•Connection location to ISO 5781
•With internal or external pilot oil drain, optional
•With or without decompression feature, optional
•Version with decompression feature for dampened decompression (minimizing possible pressure shocks)

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