M-SR - R900348632 - M-SR 10 KE05-1X/V

Part Number: R900348632

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


M-SR check valves are cartridge assemblies for use in manifold applications. Flow capacities of 8 GPM – 106 GPM over six cartridge sizes permit a broad application potential. Both the right angle version “KE” or straight through version “KD” feature guided poppets with varying biasing spring options. M-SR check valves can be secured in a manifold utilizing a BSP or SAE plug (pressure limits applicable). The cavity is a relatively straight bore, therefore complicated tooling is not required.

  • Sizes 6 to 30
  • For block installations:
    - Right-angled valve (“KE”)
    - Straight valve (“KD”)
  • Leak-free isolation in one direction
  • Plug screw with pipe thread or metric ISO thread
  • Various cracking pressures

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