VT-DFP - R900703811 - VT-DFP-A-2X/G24K0/0/V

Part Number: R900703811

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


The VT-DFP-A-2X/G24K0/0/V is the pilot control valve for the SYDFE1 system. In conjunction with amplifier VT5041, it controls the swashplate angle of the pump in either closed loop pressure or flow control. This valve is to be considered a part and not a complete control.


•Pilot valve for the pressure and flow control system SY(H)DFE
•Actuation by means of a proportional solenoid with electrical feedback
•Control electronics:
– VT-DFP (for SY(H)DFE1) → external analog amplifier VT 5041-2X

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