VT 11118-1X/ - R900211788 - Analog amplifier module

Part Number: R900211788

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


The VT 11118 is suitable for controlling direct operated directional valves (model 4WRA, component series 1X only), pilot operated proportional directional valves (model .WRZ, from component series 5X) and proportional pressure reducing valves (model 3DREP 6) without electrical position feedback.


•Selection of the valve type by means of change-over switch at the front
•Differential input for command value voltage ±10 V
•Enable inputs
•Adjustable ramp generator
•2 command value attenuators
•2 output stages with fixed-frequency clocking
“power” – internal supply voltage (green)
“H1” – enable 1 (yellow)
“H2” – enable 2 (yellow)

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