VT-VSPA2-1-2X - R901002090 - VT-VSPA2-1-2X/V0/T1

Part Number: R901002090

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


The VT-VSPA proportional amplifier controls solenoid current to Rexroth proportional valves without LVDT position feedback. Double solenoid driver cards have additional features for more flexibility. The user may configure the analog input, extend ramp time, and change setup for pre-defined valve types.


•Analog amplifiers in Eurocard format
•Voltage stabilization, partially with raised measuring zero point
•Command value inputs for voltage and current
•Internal command value adjustment by means of 4 trimming potentiometers, call-up via relays, with LED indicator lamp (on some versions)
•Ramp generator, ramp times adjustable
•Jump function for quickly passing through overlaps of directional valves
•Enable input (on some versions)

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