L732_VS245F & L745_VS285F - R933000010 - L732C116BIOB010-S.VS245F1-SAE8-DZ-P1C1N&

Part Number: R933000010

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


VS245F & VS285F valves are 6-way/2-position compact direct operated solenoid valves which control the direction of the oil flow. They may be mounted individually as line-mounted diverters, or flanged together to create a multi-function valve bank assembly.


•Directional spool valve with direct solenoid control
•Upon request, hydraulic/pneumatic pilot, or manual push and twist control
•Line-mounted single valve or bankable multi-function installation
•Unrestricted 360° orientation of DC coil
•Optional manual override (push-button or screw type)

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