Part Number: 3287071

Manufacturer: Hydac


 The HYDAC ALPC 9000 is a fully automatically functioning laboratory particle measurement system for hydraulic and lubrication oils. The shortest of measurement times permit the evaluation of up to 500 samples per day. Two models of the ALPC are available for the implementation of different requirements:

  • Model ALPC 9000 - 1
    Manual sample introduction from individual sample bottles
  • Model ALPC 9000 - 2
    Automatic sample introduction by means of 6-axis robot arm (batch processing)
  • Automatic and monitored performance of measurement and flushing cycles
  • Rapid analysis of the samples by means of the shortest of measurement and flushing times
  • High reproducibility of the measurement results through repetition measurements
  • Only small sample quantities required (ca. 50 ml)
  • Convenient operation and graphic evaluation of the measurement results using ALPC Desk Software
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO11171 and ISO4402: meaning evaluation in accordance with old NAS 1638 is possible
  • "All in one" system with PC, keyboard and monitor; optional with robot arm
  • Compatible with barcode readers

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