TA-06 - R978056725 - TA06563D170

Part Number: R978056725

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


The inlet elements TA-06-__ are employed to connect the external P, T lines to the P, T channels inside the ED elements of the Directional Valve Assembly and to connect to the LS ports of the elements equipped with LS channels. An LS controlled 3-way compensator provides pressure compensated flow to the ED elements of the Directional Valve Assembly. The same 3-way compensator is also controlled by a pilot relief cartridge and unloads to tank any excess flow in order to limit the primary pressure in the system.


Port sizes: P and T – SAE 8; LS and G – SAE 4
Ports LS and G are provided with plugs
Special plating and coating available, C.F.

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