HFS 2135-1W-0002-0008-7-S-0-000

Part Number: 924899

Manufacturer: Hydac


Available versions:
Standard; ATEX

The HYDAC flow switches of the HFS 2100 series are based on a position-independent buoyancy transmitter measurement principle. The test medium moves a spring-loaded float in the direction of flow, depending on the flow rate. A reed contact is fitted outside of the device and thus also outside of the flow circuit. When the magnet inside the float reaches the preset position, the reed contact switches. In order to protect it against external influences, it is cast in a steplessly adjustable housing. The devices are constructed in such a way that dependable limit value monitoring is possible, even with viscosity changes. For this, the kinematic viscosity can vary between 30 and 600 cSt. Areas of application include: - Central lubrications
- Oil circulating lubrications
- Transformers
- Cooling systems and circuits
- Lubrication circuits
- Hydraulic systems
- Pumps
- Welding machines and laser plants
- Chemical industry
- Research and development
  • Accuracy . ± 10 % FS
  • Viscosity compensation from 30 ... 600 cSt
  • Free choice of installation position
  • High functional dependability
  • High switching accuracy
  • Stepless switching point adjustment by the user
  • High pressure resistance
  • Screw connection
  • ATEX version also available for explosion-hazard areas.

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