NFABKXV - Fully adjustable needle valve - pilot capacity

Part Number: NFABKXV

Manufacturer: Sun Hydraulics


Two-port, pilot-stage needle valves are fully adjustable devices used to regulate pilot flow in a main-stage valve or to meter in/out flow in low flow applications. These cartridges are designed for pilot flow applications and utilize Sun's T-8A cavity so they can be used in conjunction with Sun's pilot-operated, main-stage valves.

  • Utilizes the Sun T-8A 2-port cavity making it the ideal choice to use in conjunction with Sun's main stage pilot or vent-to-operate cartridges. Separate pilot lines are eliminated and only one cavity needs to be machined to accommodate both the control and primary function. Note: All 2-position, 2-way pilot stage control cartridges utilize the same cavity and are physically interchangeable. Functionality is the only consideration.
  • Note: The main stage valve should first be installed to the correct torque value followed by the T-8A pilot control section into the main stage valve to its required torque value.
  • Ports 1 and 2 may be pressured to 5000 psi (350 bar).
  • Needle adjusts from fully closed to fully open in three complete turns resulting in extremely fine resolution.
  • Adjustment mechanism equipped with locking device to maintain consistent orifice dia/flow rate.
  • Leakage rate at shutoff is less than 1 drop/min.

Capacity.2 gpm (.035 inch)0,8 L/min. (0,9 mm)
Maximum Operating Pressure5000 psi350 bar
Adjustment - Number of Counterclockwise Turns - Fully Closed to Fully Open33
Effective Orifice Size.035 in.0,9 mm
Valve Hex Size7/8 in.22,2 mm
Valve Installation Torque20 - 25 lbf ft27 - 33 Nm
Seal kit - CartridgeViton: 990-008-006

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