Z4WEH - R900941212 - Z4WE6E68-3X/EG24N9K4

Part Number: R900941212

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


Valve type Z4WEH are directional spool valves with electrohydraulic actuation. They control the start and stop of a flow, and function as an emergency on–off isolating valve or on–off isolating/bypass valve, primarly used for servo/proportional systems


•Sizes 10
•Directional spool valve, pilot operated
•2 types of actuation: 
- Electrohydraulic (type WEH)
- Hydraulic (type WH) – available
•Function as shut-off through-valve or shut-off/through valve/short-circuit valve
•Free flow in P and T in every spool position
•Porting pattern to ISO 4401-05-04-0-05
•Wet-pin DC or AC voltage solenoids, optional
•Manual override, optional
•Electrical connection as individual or central connection
•Switching time adjustment, optional
•Stroke adjustment of main spool, optional
•Inductive position switch and proximity sensors

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