70 lbs

Part Number: ec-1036-6-F

Manufacturer: API Thermal Transfer


Performance Notes

Shell & Tube cooler with a finned bundle for high flow rates

3/8” Tube Size

Larger Shell Diameter than EK, 8.50” Dia Max

NPT oil connections, NPT water connections

High Flow Capacity & Performance

Optional Patented Built-in Surge-Cushion® Bypass

End bonnets removable for easy tube cleaning

Mounting brackets included – may be rotated for simple installation

Optional type 316 stainless steel or 90/10 copper-nickel components available


Operating Pressure 300 psi

Test Pressure 150 psi

Operating Temperature 300° F


Shell: Steel

Tubesheets: Steel

Tubes: Copper

Baff les: Steel

Mounting Brackets: Steel

Gaskets: Nitrile Rubber/Cellulose Fiber

Nameplate: Aluminum Foil

Fins: Aluminum

End Bonnets: Cast Iron

Surge-Cushion (Option)

The Surge-cushion® is a protective device (patented) designed to internally bypass a portion of the oil flow during cold start conditions, or when sudden flow surges temporarily exceed the maximum flow allowed for a given cooler. This device may replace an external bypass valve, but it is not intended to bypass the total oil flow.

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