Pneumatic position monitoring, Series MS0 - R412011545 - .01 / .03

Part Number: R412011545

Manufacturer: Aventics


The new AVENTICS MS01 pneumatic part present sensing system offers precise measuring accuracy up to 0.01mm.

Automatic feeding and processing of workpieces quite often relies on exact positioning of the parts. AVENTICS has developed a pneumatic modular system to monitor part presence that fulfills the strictest user demands in terms of technology, user-friendliness, and size. 

The new compact system controls the presence, position, shape, and dimensions of test objects. The object is scanned using an air jet from a sensor nozzle. Simultaneous evaluation of the previously defined pressure sends an output to the user in the form of electrical signals. These signals are processed by the machine control system and displayed on the module. 

The control system either releases the workpiece for processing or stops the process. This contributes immensely to improving the quality of the test object, but it also avoids errors, thus saving time and money.

This function opens up a wide variety of application possibilities for almost any industry, such as the machine tool or automotive. 

The block solution with the proven CD01 valve system can be integrated into any machine control system. Up to 6 test modules can be combined in the system solution. In addition to this, the technical design of the system makes it insensitive to primary pressure fluctuations. In addition to all these advantages, this system solution requires only minimum effort for assembly and installation. 

Pneumatic part present sensing from AVENTICS also stands out due to its extremely precise measuring accuracy of up to 0.01 mm. The MS01 is also equipped with an integrated air blowing function to prevent the measured results from being incorrectly influenced by contaminants such as shavings or coolant. Regular surface cleaning is guaranteed with this function. The air blowing function can be regulated to keep compressed air consumption to a minimum, making the MS01 much more efficient than most other pneumatic systems available. A combination of optical and mechanical system components also allows you to quickly and easily set the correct gap limit between the workpiece and the sensor nozzle. 

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