Part Number: K000468

Manufacturer: Dropsa


K000437: TWIN-LOCK grease gun with high grade steel silver finish. 

K000455: Battery operated grease gun

Heavy Duty 14.4V Battery Operated Grease Gun for 400gr. Cartridges or 500gr Bulk Fill.  DropsA grease cartridges. 

A powerful DC motor drive with planetary gearbox and reciprocating piston gives up to 400 bar of grease pressure. Maximum pressure is limited by inbuilt pressure relief valve.

Box Contains: 

1 off 230 V charger

1 off grease gun

1 off hose attachment for hydraulic nipple

1 off battery


K000466: Hydraulic Coupler

K000468: Pointed coupler

K000470: Rigid tube - Straight 150MM Long With Hydraulic Coupler

K000469: Rigid tube - Bent 150MM Long With Hydraulic Coupler

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