2/2 electro-pneumatic valve - 1651200 - AIR SOLENOID-110V 50/60 HZ

Part Number: 1651200

Manufacturer: Dropsa


- MIN Air pressure: 3-10 bar (44.1 psi)
- MAX Pressure (Lubricant): 200 bar
- Crossing section: 80 mm2
- Command voltage: 110V -50 Hz
- Power absorption: 10 Watt
- Air Pressure inlet: 1/4" BSP
- Grease inlet/outlet: 3/4 BSP
- Weight: 5.550 kg

 This valve has been designed to control lubricant flow (oil and grease).
The piston is made of hardened and ground steel. It is driven by a pneumatic cylinder controlled by a four way solenoid valve.
The valve is used for automatic filling of pump's reservoir.
In this case, the electro-pneumatic valve is controlled by the minimum and maximum level contact applied in the pump's reservoir.

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