Part Number: 3291028

Manufacturer: Dropsa


The cost effective O.E.M. single solution for fluid and semi fluid level sensing

Key features:

- Power: 8 ÷ 28 Vdc

- Short circuit output protection

- Output Signal: NPN 1,7 A

- LED indicator

- Working temperature: -20 ÷ +70 °C

 OptiLev is a compact sensor designed for OEM application that allows to detect the presence of lubricants or other liquids in reservoir or containers.

Using a built in trimmer it is possible toadjust the sensitivity of the sensor according to the lubricant used shouldthis be necessary. 

There are no moving parts providing much higher reliability compared to level sensors that use floats or other mechanical means of detecting the presence of the substance. 

Operating principle  

This sensor uses a simple operating principle based on the refraction of the Infrared light emitted by the sender towards the receiver.


Air/Oil Modular systems MiQueL EXT (External Pump source version), are centralized minimal lubrication modules engineering with separate pressurized reservoir or external lubricant pump.

All the MiQueL technology easily deployed around your applications.

MiQueL EXT, air and oil is fed separately to the modules. 

Oil pressure must be higher than the air pressure. The PRO versions will automatically balance oil pressure depending on lubrication point back pressure.

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