Part Number: 0295130 3

Manufacturer: Dropsa


- Optical distance sensor laser technology;
- Connector M12x1;
- Visible laser light;
- Class protection 2;
- 4-digit alphanumeric display;
- Two control keys;
- Two configurable output signals (see tab. pag.2);
- Measure range: 0,2...10 m(on white paper 200 x 200 mm, 90 % reflective);
- Background suppression > 10...19 m;
- The measurement error does not exceed 0,5% in the measurement range of a meter with measurement frequency of 1 Hz.

The Laser level Gauge is an optical distance sensor ideal for measuring the quantity of lubricant in storage or pump reservoirs either in an analogue (continuous) function or with settable switch points (eg Low, High level).
The level was designed primarily for us on the SUMO Pump system (that already has the fixing flange to support up to 3 devices if needed) but can be used on any distance/level measuring application where a non transparent material or surface is present.

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