Part Number: 1524923

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Grease injector


- Oil Lubricant : Min 220cSt

- Grease Lubricant: Max NLGI 2

- Min. Flowrate: 0.02 cm³

- Max Flowrate: 0.13 cm³

- Min. working Pressure: 83 bar

- Max. working Pressure: 240 bar

- Typical working Pressure: 103 bar

- Recharge working Pressure: 13 bar



DL-32 injector has been designed to deliver lubricant to friction points through the feeding line pressure. Flowrate can be set outerside the unit in order to release the lubricant quantity needed. 

These injectors are supplied with visual in-built level indicators to monitoring the operation. 

DL-32 injector is available in different models: from one to four outlets. Every injector mounted on a manifold can be easily replaced or inspected without disassembling the unit or operating on fittings and tubings. 

These units can be installed in any position and can be used with other types of injectors, if necessary.

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