Part Number: 3410035

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Motor Driven Gear Pumps

- 3 sizes are available: 0.35 - 0.5 - 1.2 litres/min. at 1500 rpm
- The direction of rotation is indifferent; simply invert the suction and delivery tubes
- The service can be either continuous or intermittent
- The motors have IP55 grade protection
- Oil viscosity: between 32 and 1000 cSt at fluid working temperatures in the range of -20 - +100 °C
- Pressure: 70 bar in intermittent service


These new pump units have been designed as the result of over thirty years experience in the field of developing and manufacturing gear pumps.
The application possibilities are numerous; the pumps are self-lubricating and are able to operate with oils or any other fluid with proved lubricating capacity.
These pumps can therefore be utilised in the fields of lubrication, refrigeration, hydraulics and, more generally, for the circulation of fluids for machines, motors and linear motion applications; these units can also be employed on recirculating systems without the need for particularly fine filtering of the circulation fluid.

One of the most striking features of these pumps is the high degree of silentness in operation, obtained with the use of gears specially designed for this type of unit.
Also, thanks to particularly precise machining and finishing, a significant improvement has been achieved in efficiencies compared to all previous similar models produced. To ensure an external seal the pumps have an "O" ring located between the pump body and the relative cover in addition to a lip seal on the main shaft.

The body of the pump is produced in hydraulic cast iron and the gears and relative shafts in chrome-nickel steel - carburized, hardened and ground. The body of the low flow rate pump (up to 500 cc/min) is made of sintered steel; the shafts and gears in
carburized and hardened steel with a seal on the main shaft.

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