Part Number: 3132486

Manufacturer: Dropsa


A compressed air pneumatically operated pumping system for greasing

- Noise level: dB 70
 - Compression ratio: - 50:1
 - Max. grease delivery pressure: bar 400
 - Pressure utilised: min./max. bar 4-8
 - Flow rate: g/min. 700
 - Pump element rod length: cm 45
 - Pump element external diam.: mm 28
 - Drum: Kg 20


Pump Series 1524175 is a machine of high reliability and robust construction.
 It is constituted by pneumatic motor, pumping rod with a steel piston and is equipped with grease gun, follower plate for grease and drum cover.
 These series are suitable for all the plants which use lubrication pumps, discharging pumps for reservoirs or pouring pumps.

 Fitted with flexible pipe and gun, they are used for the refilling lubricators or small reservoir.


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