Part Number: 133085

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Pumps for Oil or Grease and non-corrosive fluids

-Delivery: 50 cm3 of fluid for each operation of the lever.
 - Pressure: 35 bar max.
 - Piston pumps equipped with suction hose.
 - Discharge .050 Kg. (.11 lb.) of lubricant per stroke with a back pressure of 35 bar (500 psi.).


A manual built in pressure release valve permits return of handle to down position without discharging lubricant. Can be used for transferring alcohol, asphalt emulsions, fuel cleaning solvents, fuel oil, benzine, lacquer thinner, vegetable oils and many other non-corrosive, non-abrasive materials.
 Pumps are supplied without filter.


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