Part Number: 6770070

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Pneumatic pump for oil

- Operating temperature:  -5 °C ÷ +40 °C (+23 °F ÷ +104 °F)
 - Maximum operating humidity: 90% relative humidity
 - Flowrate: 2.6 cm3/stroke (0.158
 - Maximum pressure: 68 bar (1000 psi)
- Control air pressure: 3 ÷ 8 bar (43 ÷ 116 psi)
 - Cycle minimum time: 3 seconds
 - Pause minimum time: 10 seconds
 - Reservoir capacity: 3 litres (0,66 galls)
 - Lubricant: Mineral oil  - Viscosity at working temperature: 15 ÷ 1000 cSt (77.31 ÷ 4628 SUS)



Pneumatic Pump Series 3103 is characterized by the optimal relation price/performance, apart from its compactness and its high long life (more than 8 millions of cycles).
 It is recommended for all the applications on textite, glass making and plate deforming machines.
 It is not advisable to use this pump on very large machines. Compatible with Serial 26 Systems and Valve 33. The pump allows a 3-second working-time and a 10-second pause-time depending on lubricant viscosity. Pump control unit consists of a cylinder in which an anti-oil rubber seal runs. A spring ensures piston-return to the starting position.
 The solenoid valve control must be 3-way, normally closed (N.C.)

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