P.GAUGE-BC 60 DN43 1/8 BSP

Part Number: 20553

Manufacturer: Dropsa


For oil and fluid grease injector type lubrication systems

Key features:
- Compatible with 33V System and 01 System
 - Reservoire: 1 LT
 - Delivery: 10cc/stroke
- Working Temperature : +5°C to +40°C


 The rugged and reliable manual pump Series 3106000 is designed to be used in oil and fluid grease NLGI 00 lubrication systems.

Easy to use
 The manual pump 3106000 is an easy to use manual pump package. Operation is simple – just pull the front located operating handle to pressurize the lubrication lines. When the lever returns to original rest position the vent mechanism allows the lubrication lines to vent, thereby resetting the injectors  for the next lubrication cycle.

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