Part Number: 0216055

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Two-outlet manual pump with built-in flow regulator

- Output : 2 cm³ per full operation
- Pressure : 5 bar (0,5 Mpa) 200 psi
- Reservoir: semi transparent 200 cm³
- Suction Filter: 40 micron
- Output Port: 1/8" BSP
- Compatible Fluids: Vegetable Oil, Mineral oil, Silicon oils, ink.
- Viscosity: min 100 cSt - max 250 cSt
Piston pump for feeding facilities centralized lubrication Single line 01.
 Positioned in the center of the installation compared to the two lines it allows to improve the length of the facility.
 It can be used with a single exit, another exit is closed by a special flip.



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