POMPA 999545+299197

Part Number: 999985

Manufacturer: Dropsa


Key features
- Operating pressure: up to 45Mpa (450bar)
- Delivery: - Fixed: up to 33 cm^3/min - 1500 r.p.m. 
-  Adjustable: up to 51 cm^3/min - 2200 r.p.m.
- Lubricant: -  Oil viscosity 100cSt min
                   - Grease NLGI 2

Modular pumps particularly suitable for the lubrication of small or medium size machinery.
They are used for different types of oil and grease lubrication systems and in a very large range of applications because of their high quality, high performance and low cost.

The modular construction of 999 series pumps enables easy dismantling for maintenance, guarantees very high reliability and allows very fast adjustment of the units for different operating conditions.

The semplicity of construction guarantees long life, reliability and simplified and reduced maintenance.
The modularity of the components allows the system engineer to construct the lubrication unit to meet the specific needs of the lubrication system it is serving.

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