Part Number: 3190485

Manufacturer: Dropsa


The flexible solution in the most difficult conditions


- The Pump manifold body, pump modules and directional reversing valves are made in Stainless Steel 316L 

- Other external parts exposed to corrosive atmosphere are painted with high grade paint typically used on marine applications

- The pump is shipped on a stainless steel base structure which is also used to connect terminal wiring box support and lifting lugs


The Sumo electric pump is fully protected against the external environment and can operate without difficulty under the most severe environmental conditions. The SUMO Atex Pump has been designed for use in particularly harsh environments (such as  off-shore and marine applications) and can be operated in hazardous areas subject to verification of correct zone classification and requirements. 




This Pump consists of the following:

• Electric motor

• Pump body manifold with integrated pressure adjustment (bypass) and instrumentation

• Two pumping elements

• Reservoir

• Dual Line Pressure inverter valve


There is only one bearing and cam structure for all versions that operate the dual pumping modules.

The pump unit possesses one single output, because the deliveries from the two pumping elements flow into a manifold unit that sums the output from both pump modules. This offers redundancy should one pumping module fail, for example due to contamination in the grease damaging the pump bore. 

Two types of tank for grease and oil with different volumes (of 30 or 100 kg) with stirring paddle and level indicators are available.

The pump can be controlled manually, via customer PLC or with the addition of a Dropsa Control system according to the system in use.

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