Mk 150 - 3226664 - MK-150-OIL 20LT

Part Number: 3226664

Manufacturer: Dropsa


MQL oil used in minimal systems for all the alloys of good tough ability


- Usable for  Stainless steel  Low-alloy steel  Brass  Aluminum  Copper  Fused alloys 

- Compatible with micro pump systems (VIP4) 

- Compatible with Venturi systems (MKD) 

- Greater duration to the tools job 

- Decrease cycle time 


MKD is a lubricating cooling grease not mixable with water. 

MKD is a straight coolant lubricant containing iso‐paraffins for the machining and not cutting shaping of NF materials, aluminium and its alloys. 

It contains a completely odourless, aromatic‐free hydrocarbon with a narrow boiling curve. 

The active‐agent combination consists of native greases and oils. 

This combinations of additives enables superior surface finishes of the manufactured workpieces and long tool life to be achieved. 

It is used as supplied and can be applied, for example, by dipping, rolling or spraying to be workpieces to be shaped.

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