Mk High Performance - 3226666 - MK HIGH PERFORMANCE-OLIO LT 29

Part Number: 3226666

Manufacturer: Dropsa


MQL oil used in minimal systems for all the alloys of good tough ability


- Usable for  Stainless steel - Steel strongly legacy 

- Compatible with micro pump systems (VIP4) 

- Compatible with Venturi systems (MKD) 

- Greater duration to the tools job 

- Decrease cycle time 


This is a neat cutting oil. It is designed for machining, milling, boring, tapping, moulding, bossing, shearing, and other operations when there is a need for a product with a high EP power.

It does not contain mineral oils. It is made up of synthetic esters mixed with active/inactive sulphur-containing compounds, greasing agents, sulphur-and¬-phosphorus-containing additives, antioxidants and metal passivators.

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