PVV - R900939075 - PVV1-1X/027RJ15DMB

Part Number: R900939075

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth


Rexroth PVV product is a fixed displacement vane pump based on the cartridge principle. PVV pumps can be used in a wide spectrum of applications, from low pressure filter / cooler loops to higher pressure systems such as presses and injection molding machines. PVV fixed vane pumps are just one of the many pump options available from the extensive Rexroth portfolio of products.


  • 20 different displacement sizes ranging from 18cc/rev (1.1 cu-in/rev) to 193cc/rev (11.8 cu-in/rev) 
  • Hydraulically balanced design provides long bearing life 
  • Cartridge replacement simplifies service and repair 
  • Cartridges are interchangeable with competitive designs 
  • Displacement changes can be easily performed by swapping cartridges 
  • Rotational flexibility of port locations optimizes customer interface
  • PVV pumps can be coupled to other Rexroth vane, piston and gear products

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