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A match for any force, washed with all types of media - oil, water, air.

The hydraulic cylinders are among the most important parts of a hydraulic system, no matter how complex and complicated the processes are. The hydraulic cylinder must show what these systems are capable of. The cylinders are thereby often exposed to extreme conditions and stresses. The tasks that our engineers must fulfil for the design of these cylinders are therefore equally demanding. With our more than 40 years of experience, our engineers are in a position to solve all of the tasks you face in optimal fashion. Energy efficiency, weight optimisation, service lifetime calculation, freedom from maintenance and the entire economic efficiency observation of a system area for us a matter of course. A significant role here is played by our coating technologies. Thus, for example, HYDROSAAR offers the most comprehensive coating program available to cylinder designers in this market.

  •             galvanic coatings
  •             flame spraying coatings
  •             plasma and HVOF spraying coatings
  •             laser welding or PTA coatings

Our production program comprises cylinders with diameters ranging from 120 mm to more than 1 metre and lengths of up to 15 metres (larger dimensions at special request). more information under

·  Electric Cylinders

·  Hydraulic Cylinders


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