Category: Calibration

Calibration service at the HYDAC Servicenter and directly on site.

Optimize the quality of your test equipment by using the calibration service at HYDAC Servicenter or at your own premises in our mobile calibration laboratory. All the calibration equipment we use is traceable to national and international measurement standards. 

Do you always measure "accurately"?

Inspection of measuring and test equipment is incorporated as an essential Quality Assurance element for standard calibration in the standards series DIN EN ISO 9000-9004. Inspection of measuring and test equipment should guarantee that all test equipment relevant for product quality, measures 'accurately'. In order to guarantee this, the test equipment must be calibrated regularly and must be traceable to national measurement standards. In addition, the readings taken must be documented.

We prepare test protocols and issue calibration certificates for:

  •          Particle sensors
  •         Contamination sensors
  •          Temperature sensors
  •         Pressure sensors
  •          Pressure switches
  •          Portable data recorders
  •         Flow rate transmitters
  •         Display units


The HYDAC Servicenter recommends calibration at least once per year, depending on the operating conditions and whether intended for use as measurement or test equipment.


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